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VK56 DE/VD to GM Transmission Adapter Kit

VK56 DE/VD to GM Transmission Adapter Kit


Looking to upgrade your vehicle to a more powerful and reliable transmission? Our VK56 to GM Transmission Adapter Kit is the perfect solution for you. This kit allows you to easily install a GM transmission onto a vehicle with a VK56 engine, opening up a wide range of transmission options for your project car or race car build.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this adapter kit ensures a precise and secure fit, providing the strength and durability needed for high-performance applications. With this kit, you can take advantage of the wider availability of aftermarket parts, increased gear ratio options, and improved performance capabilities that come with using a GM transmission.

Whether you're looking to boost the performance of your daily driver or take your track car to the next level, our VK56 to GM Transmission Adapter Kit will help you achieve your goals with ease. Upgrade your transmission with confidence and precision with our top-of-the-line adapter kit.

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